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Powerful Tools for Energy Management

AIM Systems Network is primarily focused on the energy management market using Title 24 compliant LED lighting products, a customizable controller, and network switches. All of our wireless sensors, switches and room controllers use the EnOcean protocol, which incorporates energy harvesting technology, which is "batteryless." Our devices integrate with our existing management software to give you additional reporting.

Our Products:
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Wireless Lighting Control Systems That Integrate With Lighting Infrastructure
  • Wireless Lighting with Surveillance Capabilities
  • HVAC Sensing Components
  • Natural Gas Sensors
  • Water Sensors
  • Electrical Sensors and Switches
  • Controllers & Gateways
  • Software That Communicates With Internet Enabled Smart Devices

More Powerful, More Robust

Our sensor network works dynamically to ensure data packet drop rate is minimized by using a robust transceiver and gateway. Before the data leaves the building, it is standardized and securitized before flowing to the public switched network for cloud computing. Once processed, the data is turned into manageable, understandable information via our user interface (and via an App for mobility users). Our customized data analytical modules give critical and specific reporting in real-time.

Our Services

We build and customize APIs and software to efficiently manage data from the switches to the controller.
Project financing is available through capital leases, operating leases, PACE financing, and shared savings agreements. We specialize in:

  • Energy Management Consultation on New & Retro-Fit Projects
  • Energy Audits & Reporting
  • Lighting Systems
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Motors
  • Automatic Controls
  • Chiller or Water Cooling Systems
  • Engineering & Design of Wireless Sensor Systems
  • Installation, Turn-Up & Commissioning

Highly Flexible & Extensible

Our wireless sensor network allows rapid deployment of new applications and services aimed at decreasing cost or increasing security, stability, or availability in the network. Policy changes are easy to enforce throughout the entire network, and support for multiple applications and application-specific sensors makes the entire system highly versatile. The network encompasses a robust load-balancing controller that has the following key features:

  • Enterprise-Class Platform for the Delivery of a Broad Range of Network Innovations
  • Compliant with Many Building Automation Protocols
  • Support for Numerous Switches
  • Open APIs for Applications
  • Extensible, Scalable, Resilient Controller Architecture
  • Network Management Application for Ease of Management